The first official presentation of TFOS DEWS II will occur at the 2017 ARVO Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Conclusions and recommendations from the TFOS Dry Eye Workshop II – SIG

Session Number: 125

Session Date/Start Time: May 7, 2017 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Room: Ballroom 4

The sequence of the TFOS DEWS II presentations are as follows: 

Introduction – J Daniel Nelson

Definition & Classification – Jennifer P. Craig

Sex, Gender, & Hormones – David A. Sullivan

Epidemiology – Fiona Stapleton

Tear Film – Mark D.P. Willcox

Pain & Sensation – Carlos Belmonte

Pathophysiology – Anthony Bron

Iatrogenic Dry Eye – José Gomes

Diagnostic Methodology – James Wolffsohn 

Management & Therapy – Lyndon Jones

Clinical Trial Design – Gary Novack 

Please note: When published, the TFOS DEWS II Report will be freely available online, both on 
ScienceDirect ( and the Ocular Surface Journal’s (, homepage, indefinitely. Estimated time of publishing: end of June 2017.
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More than 150 clinical and basic science experts from around the world have created this report. We express our sincere appreciation to all of you, as well as to the companies that have donated the funds to make this initiative possible: Title Sponsor: Alcon, Platinum Sponsor: Shire, Gold Sponsor: Allergan, Silver Sponsor: Bausch & Lomb, Bronze Sponsors: Akorn, CooperVision, Dompé, Horus, Lubris, Oculeve, TearLab, THEA, SIFI, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and Sun Pharma Sponsors: Quint Health, Scope Ophthalmics, Senju and ZEISS.
For more information, please visit the TFOS DEWS II website:
TFOS congratulates the following individuals for winning the TFOS Travel Awards for ARVO 2017: 

Tomas Blanco (Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston) – Plasmacytoid dendritic cells in the mouse cornea: a multiphoton intravital microscopy study 

Xin Chen (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston) – Suppressed signaling of interleukin 27, a novel immunosuppressive cytokine, in experimental allergic conjunctivitis induced by short ragweed pollen 

William Foulsham (Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston) – Corneal epithelium-derived thrombospondin-1 regulates dendritic cell maturation in dry eye disease 

Arsia Jamali (Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston) – Local adoptive transfer of pasmacytoid dendritic cells as a novel therapeutic approach for corneal nerve regeneration 

These awards are given to postdoctoral fellows, graduate students or young investigators (40 years or younger) who demonstrate significant scientific achievements in the field of tear film and ocular surface research. The amount of the award is $750. There were more than 40 applicants for the TFOS Travel Awards for ARVO 2016. 

TFOS also expresses its appreciation to the TFOS Young Investigator Committee Members (listed below), who considered the hypothesis, experimental design, creativity, innovation, scientific results and significance of each abstract in making their evaluations: 

Monica Alves, MD, PhD (Brazil)

Mindy K. Call, PhD (USA)

Ana Isabel Guzman-Aranguez, PhD (Spain)

Georgios Kontadakis, MD, MSc (Greece)

Kaevalin Lekhanont, MD (Thailand)

Maria Markoulli, PhD, MOptom (Australia)

Shigeto Shimmura, MD (Japan)

Lakshman Subbaraman, BOptom,MS, PhD (Canada)

Benjamin D. Sullivan, MS, PhD (USA)

Tais Hitomi Wakamatsu, MD (Brazil)
It has been brought to our attention that there is a dry eye, non-clinical, poster session scheduled for the same time as the TFOS DEWS II SIG on Sunday. Unfortunately, the ARVO Program Committee has finalized the program, and cannot make further changes. We do not want you to miss your poster presentation OR the TFOS SIG, so ARVO proposed that you may attend the SIG and:

Leave a note on your poster board indicating that you are attending the TFOS DEWS II SIG, but will present during the All Posters session; ARVO will ensure the session moderator does not flag you as no-shows.
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