Since 1962 the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia (CCLSA) has promoted education, research, professional development and networking in the cornea and contact lens field.

Over the years, we have established an enviable reputation as a well recognised and highly respected professional organisation committed to supporting Australian optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Mission statement

To Advance Cornea & Contact Lens Practice by every means in order to educate and enlighten members of the Society and Public.


Our organisation, originally known as the Contact Lens Society of Australia (CLSA), was founded in 1962 with a charter of improving the standard of prescribing and the fitting of contact lenses in Australia. The CLSA encouraged a sense of solidarity in the eye care industry by educating our members, hosting conventions and lectures and providing facilities for scientific research.

From humble beginnings, with only 28 members attending the CLSA’s first Annual General Meeting in 1963, membership of our organisation peaked in 2007 with more than 500 accredited members.

In December 2008 we became the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia (CCLSA), reflecting the broader interests of our members. The ‘new’ CCLSA, officially launched at a Victoria branch meeting in February 2009 where a revised constitution and new collateral were launched to reflect the vibrant and dynamic activity of the society.

We plan to continue our leadership in the vision correction industry and to make membership of our association more attractive than ever.

icon-pdf History: Early Australian Contact Lens Practice

icon-pdf The Contact Lens Society of Australia 1961–75_notes on its formation and early development

icon-pdf The Contact Lens Society of Australia Past Presidents: 1962 to 2006

icon-pdf The Contact Lens Society of Australia ICCLC Conferences 1972 to 2007 

icon-pdf The Contact Lens Society of Australia Research Award Winners: 1973 to 2007

icon-pdf  It’s an honour. Optometry in the Order of Australia

icon-pdf Hamlyn R Brier (1911-2001)_ Queensland’s optometrist for all seasons

icon-pdf Penrhyn Francis Thomas 1918–2010 Obituary

icon-pdf Ken Bell

icon-pdf Charles McMonnies

icon-pdf Don Noack

icon-pdf Don Ezekiel

icon-pdf Nathan Efron

icon-pdf Brien Holden

icon-pdf Brien Anthony Holden Obituary

Brien Holden Memorial Award & Lecture™

Board of Directors

National President: Margaret Lam

1st Vice President: Martin Robinson
2nd Vice President:  Damien Fisher
Treasurer: Stephen Giacon

State President NSW: Margaret Lam
State President VIC: Jessica Chi
State President TAS: Martin Robinson
State President SA: Pooja Bhindi
State President QLD: Damien Fisher
National Board Member: Heidi Hunter

CEO: Alan P Saks

Secretariat: Stephanie Cruzat & Alexa Norton

Public Secretary: Francis Child

State Committee Members


Margaret Lam
Heidi Hunter
Narelle Hine
Saleem Ha
Daniel Tilia
Mark Koszek
Jenny Diec
Oliver Woo


Jessica Chi
Graham Lakkis
Katrina Yap
Jillian Campbell
Stephen Giacon
Luke Arundel


Pooja Bhindi
Lisa Ly


Damien Fisher
Kylie McNeill
Rebecca Cox
Simon Lan
Amy Tran
Rachel DeLeon
Louise Kowlaski
Stephen Vincent


Marna Claassen
Eric Cheng
Michael Doyle
Adrian Rossiter
Kevin Adams
Jeff Dowson
Sinead Denny
Gavin Swartz


Martin Robinson
Heath Davis
Joanna Lindsay
Lisa Kingshott

Corporate Supporters

AFT Pharmaceuticals

Baush + Lomb

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Vision Eye Institute

We are grateful to following organisations & publications for their ongoing support of the CCLSA:

Eye Talk 
Optometry Australia
Brien Holden Vision Institute
Clinical & Experimental Optometry Journal

Honorary Life Members

The following people are Honorary Life Members of the CCLSA, in recognition of their long and distinguished service to the CCLSA and cornea & contact lens practice in Australia;

Dorothy Carlborg
Charles McMonnies
Anthony Philips
Ian Sim
Kenneth Bell (deceased)
Hamlyn R Brier (deceased)
Penrhyn F Thomas (deceased)
Brien A Holden (deceased)


Download a pdf copy of the Constitution of the CCLSA

icon-pdf       CCLSA_Constitution