Call for Optoms to Join Eyes4Everest


Optometrists are needed to join the 2016 Eyes4Everest mission, which will be working to prevent avoidable blindness in the eastern regions of Mount Everest National Park from 16 October – 2 November this year.

This will be the third Eyes4Everest mission to deliver a free eye-screening program to Sherpas living in the National Park. In October 2015 five optometrists and three assistants screened 472 adults and children across four villages in the western region of the National Park. They dispensed 108 pairs of spectacles and 50 topical medications, and identified 40 patients who required cataract surgery. Having also identified many patients with UV related ocular damage such as snow blindness and pterygium, plans are underway to dispense polarised sunglasses in 2016. Click here to read full article on the mivision website.

Visit the Eyes4Everest website for more information on the 2016 mission.