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You only have one pair of eyes, so take care of them! Healthy Habits = Healthy Eyes.

No H2O - Keep Water Away from Contacts

No H2O – Keep Water Away from Contacts

Follow these guidelines for good contact lens care to protect the safety and health of your eyes.2

  • Before handling a contact lens it is important to wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry your hands with a clean towel.
  • Any time a lens is removed from the eye, it should be properly disinfected.
  • Safety is enhanced significantly by rubbing and rinsing contact lenses both prior to and following storage.
  • Use the lens solution provided specifically for your contact lenses and rub the lens between the palm of one hand and a finger for five seconds on each side.
  • Rinse the lens thoroughly with sterile solution. Never use tap water to rinse or store your contact lenses. Water is a common source of very infectious and potentially damaging micro-organisms that can produce sight threatening infections.
  • Wear your contact lenses as prescribed. Your eye care practitioner will recommend a wearing schedule specific to the type of contact lenses you have selected. Only wear your contact lenses for the time recommended.
  • Place the clean lens in your container and fill the container with the fresh disinfectant solution provided for your lenses. Do not re-use solution in the case or top-up with solution. Replace your lens case frequently, every time you open a new bottle of solution.
  • Clean your lens case after each use with sterile solution and allow to air dry.
  • Always read the directions provided for the use and care of your contact lenses and use the appropriate solutions as recommended by your eye care practitioner.
  • When contact lenses have been stored for more than seven days, regardless of whether peroxide or multi-purpose solutions are used, lenses should be effectively re-disinfected before the next use.
  • If irritation or infection occurs (signs include redness, burning, or excessive tearing) remove your contact lenses immediately and discontinue wearing until you see your eye care practitioner.
  • Never wear another person’s contact lenses, especially if they have been worn before. Using other people’s contact lenses may spread infection.
  • Call your eye care practitioner immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

Lens Care & Handling

We are pleased to be able to provide care and handling instructions for soft and RGP Lenses courtesy of Elsevier Ltd.

icon-pdf Instructions for Soft Contact Lens Wearers
icon-pdf Instructions for Rigid Contact Lens Wearers



2. Institute of Eye Research Guidelines for the safe and effective use of contact lenses, AMO Asia Ltd. Accessed 19th February 2009.