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Registrations are now open for the CCLSA Masterclass to be held at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre on Sunday 27 November 2016.

One of the more challenging aspects of contact lens prescribing in a busy optometry practice is the notion that increased contact lens prescribing will consume valuable time during the consulting day.

In reality the time required to increase your contact lens prescribing rate can be minimised through increasing confidence.

Confidence in terms of the prescribing practitioner’s confidence in dealing with product, patient expectations and any complications. Confidence in terms of the patient believing in the practitioner, and being able to enjoy the contact lens lifestyle while feeling that they are safe.

From the practitioner point of view this confidence may be derived from focussed, quality, continuing educational experiences, with the knowledge gained from colleagues’ experience brought back to the practice. Like a snowball the small changes in communication nuance, improved skills performance and better product performance gradually come together over the following weeks and months to facilitate improved contact lens prescribing.

From a patient point of view the improved practice performance with respect to contact lens prescribing gives them the opportunity to confidently enjoy a better view of the world through contact lenses.

The Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia has been providing practice focused, quality professional development to enhance contact lens prescribing since 1962. In the last five years we have been excited to develop our Masterclass lecture series as an adjunct to our International Cornea and Contact Lens Congress.

In 2016, we are excited to announce that in conjunction with our industry partners, we’re bringing the Masterclass lectures to CCLSA members at no charge.

Topics include:
o  An experts guide to finding the confidence to increase the percentage of contact lens wearers in your practice
o  Three different perspectives on applications of contact lenses outside of refractive correction: myopia control, prosthesis, dry eye management, ocular surface disease.
o  Identifying the dry eye, functional treatment strategies
o  Secrets of the edge design of RGP contact lenses
o  Managing acute contact lens complications
o  The experts’ secrets to orthokeratology, miniscleral contact lenses, soft toric contact lenses and multifocal contact lenses

A program will be released shortly. Register early to secure your seat!


With the generous support of our sponsors, CCLSA are offering our Masterclass at no charge to CCLSA members.

Non-members of CCLSA pay a discounted rate of $100.00 (dinner included), or if they join CCLSA now, they can attend the Masterclass at no charge.

Benefits of membership include valuable career support, educational opportunities and networking events.

FREE Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus will be available on Sunday afternoon (at 4:30pm) to take delegates to the airport. You can register for the bus and conference at the same time.

Register Online Now:

If you have any difficulty registering, please email or phone 02 9431 8676.

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