CCLSA WA: Are current contact lenses as comfortable as they will ever be?

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Good comfort is arguably the most important attribute for successful contact lens wear. Unfortunately, reports of dryness and allied symptoms of discomfort, especially towards the end of the day, are common among wearers. These complications result in dissatisfaction, reduced wearing times and drop-out, as well as increased chair time and costs for practitioners. Efforts to solve this problem have continued for at least the last 30 years, with many millions spent on research and the pursuit of manufacturing and production initiatives. Against this background it is reasonable that practitioners would expect modern lenses to deliver evident improvements in performance and that the underlying problem was sufficiently understood to allow them to recommend effective mitigation strategies to affected wearers. This talk will provide the answers to these two questions by first, reviewing current knowledge on the mechanisms of discomfort, isolating risk factors that can be modified and discussing how these can be incorporated into treatment approaches.  Second, contemporary lenses will be examined against stringent benchmarks to give a picture of their overall performance as vision correction devices.

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