Demystifying corneal reshaping with Ortho-K

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An Ortho-K lens, worn during closed eye sleep, reshapes the cornea, resulting in improved unaided vision through the minimisation of refractive error. Orthokeratology reduces the need for spectacles in myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia resulting in improved quality of life. A secondary effect of Ortho-K lens wear in Myopic children, is the slowing of axial length growth. Made of gas permeable plastic, complex geometrical design, and creating tear layer topography capable of reshaping the corneal epithelium, the Ortho-K lens can be challenging to fully understand.

Essential to Ortho-K lens design and the assessment of corneal reshaping is the corneal topographer. Over the past decade clinical practice has seen corneal metrology evolve from the keratometer, to new instrumentation capable of measuring not only the central cornea curvature, but the whole anterior and posterior corneal shape, and in some cases beyond the borders of the cornea to the limbus and sclera.

Lachlan Hoy
Director and Founder of Innovative Eye Care, Innovative Contacts, and EyeSpace.

Lachlan is a practicing Optometrist and industry innovator based in Adelaide, Australia. Lachlan graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2007 with Honours and the Don Noack award for excellence in contact lenses. In 2008 he completed his Ocular Therapeutics training at the University of Melbourne, while working at R. Fieldhouse and Associates.

He holds two professional fellowships, is a past state president of the CCLSA, the author of a textbook chapter on keratoconus, and is a director and founder of three eye care companies. Lachlan’s professional interests are in technology of metrology of the eye, and software-based design and manufacture of bespoke contact lenses of all shapes and sizes.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand currently available instrumentation and its application to clinical practice
  • How to capture and interpret corneal topography
  • How to identify the reference centres from corneal topography
  • Understanding of the mathematics of corneal topography maps
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The video presentation of this event can be found here.

Jessica Chi
CCLSA VIC State President