Nick Humphry Contact Lenses – Announces new Presbyo Lens



Safilens – Fusion Presbyo Contact Lens

We have taken stock of the new contact lens from Safilens – the Fusion Presbyo Lens. This lens reduces the effect of presbyopia.

The Presbyo is not a multifocal contact lens. It uses a patented AFOCAL design to give an increase to the depth of focus and thus increases the accommodative range.

Vision is not pin-point. The construction of an image on the retina is constituted by a spreading area, the Circle of Confusion (CoC), in which images are perceived as crispy clear. In order to increase the Depth of Focus (DoF), it is necessary to reduce the value of the CoC. The reduced CoC is characterised by a tiny on-axis hyper refractive area that causes axial and paraxial light not to participate in the construction of a focused image on the retina.

The Presbyo lens also uses the proven benefits from the revolutionary fusion technology involving Ha (Hyaluronic acid) and TSP (Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide).


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