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TFOS thanks the TFOS Young Investigator Committee Members (listed below), who selected the winners of the TFOS Travel Awards from many applicants for the upcoming 8th International Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance (Montpellier, France):

Monica Alves (Brazil)
Mindy Call (USA)
Ana Isabel Guzman-Aranguez (Spain)
Georgios Kontadakis (Greece)
Kaevalin Lekhanont (Thailand)
Maria Markoulli (Australia)
Stefan Schrader (Germany)
Shigeto Shimmura (Japan)
Lakshman Subbaraman (Canada)
Benjmain D. Sullivan (USA)
Miki Uchino (Japan)
Tais Hitomi Wakamatsu (Brazil)

TFOS also congratulates the Travel Award winners, who will be presenting their research and Co-Chairing platform sessions at the TFOS Montpellier Conference. They include Laura Downie (Australia), Masaki Fukui (Japan), Laura García-Posadas (USA), Ulrike Hampel (Germany), Takenori Inomata (USA), Yusuke Izuta (Japan), Arsia Jamali (USA), Kai Jin (Japan), Yu Jeong Kim (South Korea), Isobel Massie (Germany), Hamid-Reza Moein (USA), Céline Portal (France), Martin Schicht (Germany), Yuichi Uchino (Japan) and Stephanie Wan (USA).


Note: Registration will not be permitted onsite. Please register online BEFORE August 30, 2016.

The 8th International Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance will occur from September 7-10, 2016, at the Corum in Montpellier, France. This Conference is sponsored by TFOS and is designed to assess the current knowledge and ‘state of the art’ research on the structure and function of the tear film and ocular surface in health and disease. The TFOS Conference will also promote an international exchange of information that will be of value to basic scientists involved in eye research, to clinicians in the eye care community, and to companies with an interest in the diagnosis and/or treatment of tear film and ocular surface disorders.

Please register online:

Title Sponsor: Alcon
Platinum Sponsor: Allergan, Shire
Gold Sponsor: Santen
Silver Sponsor: SIFI
Bronze Sponsors: Bausch + Lomb, Bloomage Biotech, Dompé, Horus, Laboratoires Théa, TearLab
Sponsors: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals, Iris Pharma, Akorn, Senju, inflamax, Lexitas

For more information about the TFOS Conference, please visit the website:

For more information about TFOS Sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amy


Are you a clinician involved with the care of patients with dry eye disease (DED)? Do you want to help prioritize research for DED?

TFOS has agreed to partner with the Cochrane Eyes and Vision United States Satellite (CEV@US), located at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, MD, USA), on a research project that could help improve how eye care practitioners deliver patient care. CEV@US is conducting surveys to identify priorities for research related to DED. Clinical expertise and input is important to the success of this project.

If you are an eye care practitioner and would like to participate, the survey will include two rounds. In Round One, you will provide your rating for each of the clinical questions CEV@US is asking you to prioritize for research. Completing Round One is estimated to take no more than 30 minutes of your time. In Round Two, you will be able to see the rating provided by others, and will have the opportunity to revise your rating if you feel it appropriate. CEV@US estimates that Round Two of the survey will take less than 30 minutes. The two surveys will be sent about four weeks apart. A very high participation rate is vital to ensure the validity of the results.

This study is funded by the National Eye Institute of the United States and is approved by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Institutional Review Board (IRB).

By answering the questions in this survey, you are providing your consent to use your responses for this study. Confidentiality will be maintained, and data will only be shared in aggregate.

Please click on the following link (or paste it into your web browser) to participate in the survey.
Password: dryeye

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Director and survey moderator, Dr. Ian Saldanha, directly at or +1-410-502-3593. Thank you.


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